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HTC Android Tips

Battery Issues

If you are having battery issues you can either purchase a longer higher powered battery from here htc extended battery uk or htc extended battery us or try some of the tips here

Battery Reset
Let your Droid fully drain of power. While it is turned off attach your charger. When the phone is fully charged, turn it on and let it start up until its ready to use, then turn it off again. Re-attach the charger once again and leave for 30 mins. Now use your HTC as normal. This resets the battery level of the Android . Only do this once per battery

Try setting your background to a plain black wallpaper. Display is one of the most
power hungry parts of the Android OS, so with it all being black you can save up to
20% of power. (Download) Right Click and save the image

Task Killer
Ensure you have Advanced Task Killer installed on your HTC and configured to kill
apps automatically. Apps always run in the background on your mobile but task killer
ends them. The more you kill the more power you save.

If your not using GPS on a regular basis turn this off in the settings. This can
also save you considerable power.


Phone running slow

Task killer

Again Advanced Task Killer is a way of speeding up your phone, the more apps that
are running in the background the less ram you have available for the task you are running now.

Reduce the number of widgets on the pages of your mobile, less widgets the more free resources.

See the help pages for more info HELP

app Organisation

App organizer

Are you tired of hunting through loads of applications for what you want. App organizer
lets you create categories and move applications into them so you can organise your phone.
These categories can be added to your desktop in what ever way you choose as widgets.Apps Organizer

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