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Become a Writer

So you want to be a blogger about Android Phones and Devices?

Blogging a few times a week or daily is not as easy as you may think, and that’s something everyone who has stuck with it for more than a day can testify to. If you want to join us and contribute on a regular basis, be sure you have the time, energy and willpower to do so. Otherwise you’re just needlessly throwing away your own time, and ours — it’s a cliché, but there you have it.
If the paragraph above doesn’t change your mind, you strongly feel that you can become a positive asset to myhtc, then we welcome you.
Our goal is and has always been to gather people who live and breathe android or HTC and have a solid grasp on the English language. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, everyone is welcome to apply for the available positions. This is obviously a voluntary position but you do get some perks, see below.

Staff writing for

Craig Downey Author/Owner Author Posts
Anthony Edwards Author Author Posts
Ash Author Author Posts

What you get

  • Thousands of people reading your work.
  • You are allowed 1 do-follow link in each post you write to direct people to your personal websites/blogs
  • You are allowed to use 2 no-follow links to related content about the post
  • Your article sent to over 7k on Twitter, 2k Facebook, Blog Directories, RSS Feeds and Search Engines instantly upon publish


What do we ask

  • That you complete your Bio so people know your the Blogger who wrote the post and can follow your work
  • Write relevant articles on HTC or Android Smartphones, Apps or Accessories
  • Articles must be within 100-1000 words
  • Do not focus your articles like Ads, it must be interesting to read and not just selling a product
  • Do not include any Adverts without asking permission first
  • Do not submit any copied work or Images, must be written or re-written by yourself
  • Stay within the law
  • To get started simply email admin[at] with your Full Name and desired username.  You will be emailed back your login details within 2 hours