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Facebook owns up to Home flaws, vows to push out quick fixes

It’s difficult to tell whether Facebook Home has been successful or not since it has been downloaded more than 1 million times so far but has also been bombed with negative reviews that could mean it has a short shelf life. Technology Review reports that Facebook is acknowledging that its first attempt at creating its

Digital marketer worried Facebook Home will produce ‘invasive, tedious’ ads

As amazing as it sounds, professional marketing firms do have limits to how far they’ll go to get their advertisements in front of your face. The Telegraph reports that Angus Wood, an executive from digital marketing firm iProspect, has expressed concern that Facebook’s (FB) new Home software that takes over Android smartphone home screens will produce

Google uses Facebook Home announcement to plug other Google services

Whether or not Google (GOOG) is actually happy that Facebook (FB) has just launched software intended to take over Android home screens is certainly up for debate. But the company is doing its best to put on a happy face following the announcement, and it tells VentureBeat that Facebook Home “demonstrates the openness and flexibility that has

HTC First may dump Facebook Home when it comes to other carriers

HTC (2498) unveiled its “First” smartphone at Facebook’s (FB) press event in California on Thursday. The mid-range handset, which will be exclusively available from AT&T on April 12th for $ 99, sports mediocre specs and comes preloaded with Facebook Home, a new software suite for Android smartphones. According to developer and HTC insider LlabTooFeR, the company may release