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Gaming on your HTC

  Gaming on your HTC There are probably a fair number of reasons to be pleased with yourself for choosing your HTC phone over a Blackberry, but there could surely be none so glaringly obvious as the disparity in the choice and quality of games on offer. A HTC is a fantastic choice of handset


BlackBerry teases BBM for Android, iPhone

It wasn’t a matter of if, but instead when BlackBerry would finally decide to decouple its BBM service from its own devices. Samsung has already started advertising the fact that its Galaxy line of phones will feature BlackBerry Messenger, but BlackBerry stayed relatively quiet until a redesigned BBM landing page appeared on Thursday confirming the


Facebook owns up to Home flaws, vows to push out quick fixes

It’s difficult to tell whether Facebook Home has been successful or not since it has been downloaded more than 1 million times so far but has also been bombed with negative reviews that could mean it has a short shelf life. Technology Review reports that Facebook is acknowledging that its first attempt at creating its


New ad shows that HTC is literally fighting dirty [video]

When we advised HTC to start fighting dirty a while ago, we didn’t expect them to take us quite so literally. In a new ad for its flagship HTC One smartphone, HTC shows off its new Blink Feed interface that the company bills as a single live stream that’s constantly showing the latest updates on all your